Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Brian is not as light as he looks!!!
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More National Family Regatta pictures from George Town

All boats are built in the Bahamas and have canvas sails. They come from all over the Bahamas to race here this week!!!
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Rubbing is racing!!!

Reminds me of Bristol.... the C class Bahamian boats raced this morning. Two of the boats got so close that the boom of one boat got caught in the front guy wire of the other boat... Sr would have enjoyed this and Jr would have crashed!!!
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

See Yall soon!!

This sign is really appropriate. We are down to our last week here. Brian, Bellerie, Britton, and Bella are visiting and enjoying the beauty of the Exuma Cays with us. We will all miss our new friends and the beauty of Exuma, but I think we all long to be in North Carolina... to quote JT... 'Carolina on my mind...'
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rain Rain!!!

Its amazing what a little rain will bring out in Exuma!!
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Beer run!!!

All of these boxes are cases of beer and alcohol... To put it into prospective there are less people on Great Exuma then people in Belhaven... that looks like a case for each resident!!! Next week is Regatta... looks like someone is going to have a good time. We will be staying off the roads and on the water!!!
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Dana and Audrey are here!!!

Some nice folks took our picture at the monument on Stocking Island. George Town and February Point are in the background as is Elizabeth Harbor. We have enjoyed Dana and Audrey... time seems to fly by when company is here... they leave today on the Delta flight at 2pm.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

David and the Boys!

David Cox and the Boys are fishing a grouper pot on Pill Pusher.
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Another picture at Casa del Mar.
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Blog Happy!!

This is me happy that I've gotten blogger working again!! Just kidding. This is me at Casa Del Mar... an unfinished neighborhood development. One of the most beautiful views on the island can be seen from the only structure there... the beachfront gazebo.
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Remember when?

This is a picture of Helene and the Boys the day we reached Bimini. The first day of our trip... as we are winding down it is amazing how much Walton and Miller have grown. They have seen so many things and met so many great and interesting people over the last few months. They both have matured and become so independent. Their confidence in themselves has also become apparent. It has been a rewarding trip in many ways and.... we've all got great suntans!!!
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Don't drop that rod!!!

Miller is fighting a fish with Alston's $1600 fly rod... don't drop it!!! The island in the background is part of Mariah Cay.
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Miller's Bone

Miller caught this bonefish on fly with Alston's help. We fished the muddy water that makes up as the tide is going out around the Ferry Bridge. You blind cast into the murky muddy water and hope its a bonefish that takes your fly. We saw turtles, barracudas, lemon sharks, houndfish and rays. Fishing the mud... 'is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're going to get!!' Ha Ha.
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Check out this Houndfish

This is the largest Houndfish that we have seen. Walton caught him on his flyrod off the dock at Feb Point.
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Fish kissing????

Alston Rolle is one of the nicest guys we have met on Exuma. His family is a hard working group... his sister owns Santana's... one of our favorite places to eat. His mom... "MOM" as she is referred to on the island makes some of the best baked goods around and she is famous on Exuma for these sweets. We met Alston as a cab driver and have fished with him several times. Alston is cutting the tippet because the fish has swallowed the hook. The hook will rust out in a couple of days, but if we pull it out the fish will die. I thought it was a funny picture and it looked like he was doing a Jimmy Houston (or is it Bill Dance?)... kissing the fish!!
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Bone Fishing

Walton caught this bone on fly... with a little help from our guide Alston Rolle. The weather was beautiful and so was the fish!!!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gas line picture

Here is the gas line picture that did not post.

Top to Bottom

Some of the pictures did not show up after I reinstalled the program I use for blogging. Here is the one for the Top to Bottom post.

Tourist Tree

This is called a Tourist Tree. That's because the bark is peeling and it is red like sunburn!!!

Great Picture!!

This is a picture of Art, Pat and Ms. Grace taken at Casa del Mar. They have a beautiful view in the background and a little sun tan to take back to Naples.

Land Crab

Here is the picture of the land crab.
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